Amber Glass G102
  • Amber Glass G102
  • Amber Glass G102
  • Amber Glass G102

Amber Glass G102

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New level of your tasting!

Highly recommended for heavily peated and smoke whisky.

Perfect use for blind tasting.


Amber glass G102

Capacity: 100 ml

Colour: black bowl & cover surface

Material: glass

Packing: gift box • Hand - crafted, soda - barium glass with lid.

With the addition of barium oxide, more resistant to scratches and damage.

Limited Edition: 500 glasses in Release.

Each glass has unique number and Certificate.

• Due to the nature of hand - crafted glass - each of the offered glasses is "unique". There is no the same second glass. Each of them differs in small details (approx. +/- 2 ÷ 3%), which only emphasizes their uniqueness.

• The top of the tulip-shaped glass bowls is tapered even further, which encourages the concentration of flavors and intensifies the aromas. To preserve the aroma during tasting, the Amber Glass G100 comes with a handcrafted lid that prevents evaporation.

• Modern and elegant design of packaging is ideal as a gift.

• Special filling made of polyethylene (PE) foam with high material density guarantees 100% safety during shipment and for traveling.

Hand-wash only! These glasses are not suitable for the dishwasher.

Country of origin: Poland

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